Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Haves and wants

Just a basic list:

 I have a happy, caring, loving, funny supportive husband.
I have a house full of pets who love to snuggle.
I have a job that covers our bills.
J’s back is getting better.
I have a family who loves me.
I am rediscovering a joy of gardening long ago instilled in me.
I am going to start c25k as soon as the rain goes away.
I have two stepdaughters that crack me up and keep me on my toes.
I have a generous mother-in-law.
I have friends stretched all over the states.
I have a roof over my head.
Mother Nature is giving me a beautiful spring.

I would love to become more creative in some way.
I want to stick with a workout program long enough to actually lose some weight.
I want to be comfortable in my own head.
I want to incorporate more color into my life.
I want to see the yard and house come together like we have planned.
I want to get in the habit of making monthly healthy menus.
I want a new canister set for my kitchen.
I want to master making biscuits.
I want to find as many things to use mint for as possible, so our mint doesn’t go to waste.
I want to make more friends.
I would like my hands to stop hurting.
I want to start riding on the motorcycle again.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


 Definition of WORRYWART : a person who is inclined to worry unduly. 

I am a worrywort. Big time.  

I worry about everything. From big stuff, like how we will manage to get ourselves out of debt in a reasonable amount of time. To small stuff, like if I bought a flavor of capri sun the kids really like. I recognize the fact that what I worry about is silly nonsense stuff, I am happy and healthy and I have a job and am married to the best husband a girl could ever ask for, but I cannot seem to stop. I am always in a state of anxiety because I am worrying about something. J on the other hand is the worrywart's antithesis. He is always calm and has an attitude that everything will work out. (He is usually right.) 

I wish I could adopt this attitude, it isn't like the world will stop if I STOP worrying. In fact I can see that it actually would get a lot better. I would love to stop worrying, feeling more balanced and centered, more in control of my life. But I can't stop. Because what if I am wrong and if I stop worrying then something will go unnoticed and the world will end as I know it. (Dramatic I know, but it is how I think!)  

So unless I figure out how to be balanced and centered without worrying, I shall continue to worry and be anxious and cry over silly stuff while my ever patient husband tells me everything will be okay.