Thursday, March 15, 2012

A change on the horizon

J started a family very quickly after high school and made the very noble choice to be a participating father and provider for his little family. He had to back burner his desire to further his education, which was a shame because he is so stinking smart and loves to learn. Upon us getting married we had a very serious discussion about him going back to school and eventually myself going back. Going back to school seemed to be pushed down on the list, he has a medical issue that require medical insurance and his job has very fantastical bonuses every so many months. It never seemed like the right time for him to go back.

And then, we found out that J will be losing his job.

He isn't particularly broken up about it and after an initial "My-world-is-coming-to-an-end" moment I am feeling a lot better about it. His job is being transferred to Arizona, if we didn't have the girls then we would move in a heart beat, but having a relationship with the girls is extremely important to both of us, so we will be staying here.The nice thing about it is that his job ends June 1 of this year but they will continue to pay them with benefits till October. Which is...AMAZING. And something I am extremely grateful for.

After many talks it looks like he will be trying to find a contract job for the next year (after a long paid vacation) and then hopefully be going back to school next year for a degree in paramedic-emergency services. He is really excited and I am excited for him. I know I will see a lot less of him but it fills my heart to know he will be doing what he has really been dreaming to do.